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Jim Nagle was born in North Adams, Massachusetts and grew up in nearby Pittsfield (newly minted birthplace of baseball). He became a hard-drinking, drug-using, rock and roll singing college dropout. Some years later (1976) he drifted into Atlanta, living on the street for a time. It was in Atlanta that Jim had a radical encounter with Jesus, which led to his being born again and delivered from what had become gross, confirmed and pathological alcoholism, as well as from binging on assorted drugs, general immorality and depression.

Jim now lives with his wife Jan in the Sarasota-Bradenton area of Florida, as do their grown daughters and small grandchildren. Jim and Jan are the founding pastors of The Redemption Center, a non-denominational, full-gospel church in Bradenton. Jim is author of the book READ-STUDY-MEDITATE: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bible (please see link on "How To Study The Bible").


Bible exploration, politics, sports, and our grandchildren.